Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021 — Reviews & Buying Guide

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Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India : Bought a new fridge? Very nice! But are you sure it is the most suitable one for you? Is it the right refrigerator that would meet all your expectations? A perfect refrigerator is a lot more than providing you with cold water. It helps to keep your eatables fresh and nutritious but if and only if you have selected the right and the most suitable refrigerator for you.

Feeling confused about selecting the best refrigerator according to your needs? This, in-depth buying guides will help you in making the right decision. With the detailed review mentioned in this guide, you can conveniently make your selection.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator in India

Below are the reviews of Best Refrigerator in India 2021 ( Single Door and Double Door included)

Samsung 415L (RT42M553ES8/TL) 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Fridge

If you are looking for a refrigerator that can give you the brand value along with taking care of all your needs, then Samsung 415L (RT42M553ES8/TL) 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Fridge would make the right choice for you. This refrigerator with its Smart Convertible technology is simply perfect to clear all your doubts for preserving your eatables for a longer time. It comes with a capacity of 415L that makes it suitable for a family of 4–5 members.

To begin with, one of the unique features that make it fridge highly demanded is its convertible freezer. You can easily free 88L of extra space from the freezer and can use the same to store the amount of food and other items. You can use this feature for some functions or events when you require food in large quantities.

To make this product more attractive, it comes with a digital display from which you can manage the temperature along with balancing the convertible settings. The twist ice maker and ice pack features of this product will provide you with instant ice and chilling effects. You get 1-year of warranty on the product along with 10-years warranty on the compressor of the product.

This frost-free refrigerator also has auto-defrost technology that prevents the formation of ice crystals on the food. The attractive interiors of this refrigerator are enough for storing many items just exactly at their respective places. The powerful cooling along with the power freeze feature of this product ensures that your food will remain fresh for as long as possible.

If you often face the problem of food odor in your fridge, then the Deodorizing filters available in this product are the perfect solution for you. These filters are made from the natural fibers and thus can eliminate the odor instantly by continuously passing the fresh air. Along with this, you get a cabinet of the fresh room that preserves your dairy products, salads, etc.


  • Suitable for a family of 4–5 members
  • Easily convertible freezer
  • Separate cabinet for dairy products and salads

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LG 420L (GL-I472QPZX) 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Enjoying healthy, fresh and nutritious dishes is no more difficult as the LG 420L (GL-I472QPZX) 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is available with its unique and innovative features. Bring home this refrigerator and enjoy all your favorite eatables anytime you want. You will simply love the dedicated performance that this refrigerator will offer to you with its amazing technologies.

The refrigerator is available in the capacity of 420L which is meant suitable for a family of 3–4 members. Along with its huge capacity, you also get a warranty of 1-year on the product and 10-years on its compressor. The use of inverter compressor in this product enhances its use and makes it energy-efficient and more durable.

The interiors of the fridge are designed with extreme care as it will take good care of placing all the things just at their respective places. The use of toughened glass in the making of this product assures the users that no matter how hard you try, any kind of breaking or tearing is not possible on them. The auto-defrost feature of this product also reduces or rather eliminates the formation of any ice crystals of the food.

The smart inverter compressor of this fridge is so efficient that it adjusts its temperature according to the amount of food available in the refrigerator. Also, as it is a silent feature and it operates so instantly that it will never interfere in any of your daily or routine work. This makes the product highly reliable.

It comes with a smart diagnosis feature with which the refrigerator detects any of the faults with the normal functioning. Apart from this, the auto smart connects feature of this product allows the refrigerator to connect with the inverter easily and thus makes it functional even during the power cuts.

This solar smart model from LG can also operate on the solar energy. Overall, the product is highly effective for maintaining the food items.


  • Suitable for 3–4 member family
  • Works even with solar energy
  • Smart diagnosis by itself

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Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (FP 283D PROTTON ROY, German Steel)

Whirlpool 260 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (FP 283D PROTTON ROY, German Steel) will take care of all your worries about your food going bad or losing its freshness. You just have to buy this amazingly fantastic refrigerator for your needs and you are all sorted with maintaining the quality of your food. This refrigerator is made using all the latest technologies and thus is one of the best refrigerators for almost all types of users.

Have you ever thought how convenient it would be to have a refrigerator that can offer you with individual storage spaces? With Whirlpool 300L (FP-313D) 4-Star Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator, you can get all distinguish places for each of your needs and requirements. The triple-door refrigerator balances the varying storage needs of the users in quite an effective manner.

The 300L capacity of this refrigerator is suitable for 2–3 member family. It comes with a warranty time of 1-year on the product and 10-years on its compressor. This frost-free refrigerator is enabled with auto-defrost technology which reduces the formation of ice crystals on the food items and as a result keeps your food fresh and preserved for a long time.

The most innovative feature that you can find in this refrigerator is the 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology that assures to maintain twice the required freshness of the food. Using this technology, the fridge also reduces the growth of bacteria or other infectious particles on the food. It comes with an attractive three-door design that will thoroughly impress you from inside-out.

You also get a separate active fresh zone or cabinet for the dairy products and salads so that they can be kept nutritious for a longer time. Another unique feature that this product offers is that of moisture retention technology. Using this technology, all the fruits and vegetables kept in this fridge retain the required amount of moisture. The Zeolite technology prevents the early ripening of fruits and vegetables.


  • Suitable for 2–3 member family
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Air boosters to stimulate air circulation

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Bosch 618L (KAN56V4ONE) Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Bosh is a well-known name in the industry that always offers the best products to its customers. The Bosch 618L (KAN56V4ONE) Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator is another amazing addition to the league of Bosch. The refrigerator has been perfectly designed to meet all the possible needs of the users.

To begin with, this refrigerator comes with a side-by-side door that makes it pretty attractive in its looks. You will simply love admiring the great looks of this product and if you get done with admiring the design, you can move to the storage space that it gives to you. You get enough space with this refrigerator to store all your left-over food items.

It has a capacity of 618L, which is perfectly suitable for a family of 5–6 members. So, even if you have a large family and have lots of food to be stored in your fridge, you can make use of this refrigerator for that. Other than this, you also get a warranty of 1-year on the product and 10-years on its compressor.

The refrigerator uses inverter compressor which makes it energy-efficient and also makes less noise. The auto-defrost option available in this product eliminates the chance of formation of ice crystals on your food. The convenient setting option of this product makes it easy, even for the beginners, to use it.

The VitaFresh technology that is enabled in the refrigerator is sufficient enough to keep all your food and other items fresh for a long time. The LED lightening and the use of safety glass in this product makes it a perfectly usable product. You can use this product without worrying about anything.

With the ice twister feature of this product, you can get an ice cube and chilled drinks within no time. Just press one button and you are sorted with your need for chilling ice cubes. The super cooling feature and the multi-airflow system further enhance the performance of this product.


  • Suitable for large families
  • Less noisy
  • Preserves the freshness of eatables for days

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Haier HRF 618 SS Frost-Free 565L Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The side-by-side refrigerators are increasing in their demand and thanks to the Haier HRF 618 SS Frost-Free 565L Side-by-Side Refrigerator that the craze for such refrigerators is still maintained. This refrigerator is a perfect example of the perfect combination of looks and performance. You can keep all the expectations from this product and can also flaunt the beauty of this product to your loved ones.

With its spacious and stylish interiors, you would never have to move your things here and there. It gives you separate compartments for each of your requirements. So, this summer, you can keep all your eatables and drinks well-preserved with this efficient and effective Haier HRF 618 SS Frost-Free 565L Side-by-Side Refrigerator.

This product is highly energy-efficient and provides you with a desirable fridge-freezer ratio to keep all your things fresh and nutritious. Talking about its performance, you can totally rely on what this refrigerator offers you. It also offers you a warranty of 1-year on the product and 10-years on the compressor.

The frost-free feature of the product reduces the formation of ice crystals on your food and also gets cleaned automatically. So, you don’t have to use any of your manual efforts to handle the frosting problems and needs. The 565L of the capacity of this product is meant to suit a family with 4–5 members.

One unique feature that comes with this refrigerator is Holiday Function. The next time when you are heading for a vacation and are worried about your food, you can simply switch the holiday function on and relax. It will preserve the quality of the food quite amazingly for as long as you come back.

Other than this, you don’t even have to maintain the temperature of the fridge. With the help of its Fuzzy logic, this product maintains its temperature automatically. Moreover, it can adjust its temperature with the internal and external temperature ability.

The one-touch LED and 90-degree contour door are the other additional features of this product.


  • Suitable for families with 4–5 members
  • Holiday function
  • Automatic temperature control

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